Lomadia stood outside the Council chambers

resting her elbows against the wrought-iron railing and letting her bandage-wrapped hands dangle over the air above the desk that welcomed new students to the university. Despite her presence in the university, she didn’t wear the green-trimmed robe she had her last time inside the building. A dark coat covered a striped green dress that ended just above her knees, and her feet were covered by sturdy leather shoes.

Her satchel was crumpled in a heap by her feet, though it was near bursting with a huge variety of items. The university was eerily empty after the circumstances of the last few weeks, and most of the inhabitants were out helping repair the city and extinguish any remnants of rebellion.

That was, all but the Council.

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The dagger pressed smartly against the side of her neck.

 “Coming in here to gander and kill a few rebels on your lonesome, guard?” whispered a familiar voice in her ear. “Or is it to rescue a bunch of crying babes and their noble mam?” Lomadia felt the blade shift as the person behind her shrugged. “Either way, it’s too bad for you, eh? Got caught with your drawers down.”

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Chaos erupted in the courtyard

almost immediately as the Ebony Eagles engaged the limited forces of the guard in combat. It was quickly apparent that the guard were outnumbered nearly two to one, even with the assistance of Edmund, the queen, and the three mages at her side.

Raulin set to work at the first flash of steel, running faster than a man of his age had any right to. Lomadia almost caught a glance of a grin on his face as he distracted several mercenaries away from the guards and into several runic traps he must have set on one of the bridges across the waterway beforehand. The traps shocked, paralyzed, disarmed, or otherwise debilitated the unlucky men who stumbled in their way. No deaths by his hand, though the guard often finished off any left standing.

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As bad as it had seemed from the inner circle, the city streets looked even worse this close up.

The sky was scarlet with flame and ash scattered through the occasional breeze like grey snow. Clouds boiled overhead with the promise of rain - a promise Lomadia knew it would never give up. Such promises had come often in the last few years, and few had answered the desperate pleas for rain.

Looters had already hit the major stores along Sunrise road, the major street that separated the merchant and noble quarter. The food was best here because of the wealthy customers, and she wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first place the opportunists hit.

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